I've been Meaning to put my collection of Miyuki seed beads Good use. They always-have-been one of Those Things That I can not help aim hoarding Every Time I inside a bead store. The perfectly uniform, cylindrical beads come in Almost Every color itty bitty imaginable shades and size make 'em much more attractive. I have a thing for anything  miniature. So inspired bracelets Sashi seed beads and jewelry Morse George Frost, I recently About did a handful of mini-seed beads bracelets contents, each encoded with secret messages.

You Will Need:

  • Miyuki Delica seed beads
  • Morse code translator
  • embroidery thread
  • wire beading needles
  • crimpers
  • Crimp
  • tiny gold pearl
  • scissors

Miyuki Delica Because seed beads are super small, you'll need a wire bead needle to help you link the beads on the embroidery thread. Thread embroidery thread through the needle beading.
You choose 4 colors For Each bracelet. A base color, a color for points a color for the dashes and dots Separating a color and dashes. Here I am using the red for the base color, green for points turquoise for the dashes and the braces gold. Put On Some basic color beads.
Add a spacer beads - in this case gold. Then spell the first word Points (green beads) and hyphens (turquoise). Each separate letter with a gold bead spacer. Here I am spelling out "I love you" and the first word is "I" resulted with just two points.
Add a little more basic colors of pearls and translate The Following word, qui est "LOVE" - then "YOU" next. Add a little more basic color beads.
Discussion was crimp bead. Your crimping pliers-have two slots - the first clamps the tube closed with a recess along the middle of the ball. The second notch is used to collapse the crimping bead-shaped tube. Add another crimping bead on the other side of the strap and closed crimping.
The closing for the strap is just a small little gem with an opening just wide enough to slide up and down snuggly embroidery thread to tighten. Both ENDS thread of embroidery thread your needle through bead wire. Put on the gold pearl - it Will Be a super tight cut! Crimp the two crimp beads and a half inches down from the ends of the last beads. Any excess trim and you're done!
Best Friends, XOXO, I woke up like that, I'm Fantasy, WTF. . . say with Morse code!
Some do for yourself and of course, A FEW for your friends.

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